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The study deals with the detailed design, development, quotes, advice, and technical assistance of technological systems for civil and industrial use, in particular:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Aerodynamic systems
  • Fire prevention
  • Water systems
  • Biomass power stations
  • Gas systems and flues
  • Solar, thermal and photovoltaic systems
  • Energy systems with renewable or geothermal energy
  • Procedure to insulate buildings according to law 10/91
  • ISPESL procedure for thermal heatings
  • Procedure to deduct 55% for Energy saving measures

Heating systems

Heating systems with autonomous and centralized production and distribution of the heat transfer fluid made ​​in different ways:

  • traditional: radiators aluminium, cast iron, steel and fan moduls;
  • radiant panel: floor, wall and dry (for low thickness);
  • unit heaters;
  • radian panels;
  • ducted air (primary air and recirculated air);
  • operated by a boiler or heat pump;

Sizing of heating systems with solid and gaseous fuel and new and/or refurbished refrigerating plants:

  • replacing of boilers of any capacity;
  • redesign of balanced circuits for the optimization of the plant;
  • conversion of power plant fuel (GPL and methane);

Air conditioning systems

Residential and commercial air conditioning systems with the distribution of the heat transfer fluid made ​​in different ways:

  • slitte plants with refrigerant gas (single split, multi-split, VRV variable refrigerant volume);
  • systems with hydronic system;
  • floor systems with dehumidifiers;
  • ducted air systems;
  • plants with cooling towers;
  • plants working through water coolers with air cooling; air-to-water heat pumps; water-to-water heat pumps;

Aerodynamic Equipment

Heating and cooling with air operation; with mechanical ventilation systems regulated by single-flow, dual flow, extraction:

  • air distribution systems with sheet metal ducts or polyurethane;
  • fan colis air distribution systems;
  • displacement air distribution systems;
  • mixing distribution systems;
  • air handling and ventilation system respectful of the environment;
  • ventilation systems for the construction of premises for smokers;
  • enthalpy recovery systems for plants with low energy consumption;

Fire prevention

We are able to address and solve all the problems of fire prevention in the civil and industrial sphere, studying the best solution to ensure the necessary security requirements to all activities subject.
We prepare and carry out the practices at the controls of the Fire Department of Jurisdiction and the necessary technical assistance for the obtaining of the Fire Prevention Certificate in accordance with Law No. 818/84.
We test fire alarm with proof of efficiency and release its certification.
This service is aimed at all those responsible for the safety of civil and industrial activities: administrators, managers and supervisors of industries, installers, builders and so on.

Fire water systems

  • networks of hydrants and hose reels;
  • automatic shut-off “SPRINKLER” wet or dry;
  • automatic shut-off in inert gases;

Ispesl practices and procedure

for reporting and the evaluation of containers for liquids and pipelines already existing on 12/2/2005 and in any case not marketed until 05/29/02 and PED certified, in accordance with art. 16 of the Ministerial Decree 329/04.
  • analysis of technical equipment in order to ensure the effective exercise in the same security;
  • writing technical report that ascertains and demonstrates the stability of the equipment operating conditions (using the current and real dimensions and technical characteristics of the materials of the equipment) taking into account also the current localized loads and conditions of fatigue, creep, anchors, etc., if present;
  • classification of equipment according to the fluids and the categories of the PED;
  • assessment of the conservation status and efficiency of the equipment;
  • evaluation of periodic checks of integrity regarding Annex VII of D.Ls. 81/08 and Ministerial Decree 329/04

Water systems

  • waterworks;
  • sanitary facilities;
  • water treatment: water purification and filtration, softening, algae removal,
  • exhaust clear waters;
  • exhaust black water with their networks of ventilation;
  • lifting equipment wastewater (rainwater, sewage);
  • irrigation systems;
  • water systems with pump;
  • fountains;

Gas distribution

  • ducted systems for the use of the natural gas network and Gpl to residential and commercial;
  • carry out practical lines after gas meter;
  • compilation mandatory annexes to the declaration of conformity;
  • design flues for the disposal of flue gas:
    • flues sizing according to UNI EN 13348;
    • rods sizing schunt;
    • rods sizing collective pressure hoses;
    • shafts dimensioning according to UNI 10845 for pressure hoses;

Solar, thermal and photovoltaic plant

System solutions for the exploitation of solar energy to produce hot water:• systems with natural and forced circulation;
plants with a combined boilers and heat storage;

  • semicentralised solar systems and centralized;
  • mixed systems with integration to the heating circuit;
  • mixed systems for heating swimming pools;
  • PV systems in conjunction with heat pumps;

System solutions for the exploitation of solar energy to produce hot water:

  • with renewable energy systems or geothermal energy
  • installation solutions for solar energy
  • engineering solutions for the exploitation of geothermal energy:
    • works with vertical probes of heat removal;
    • works with horizontal collectors and vertical ditch;
    • works with heat to underground water;

Practices for building insulation, 10/91

completion technical and administrative practices for the attainment of the report in accordance with law 10/91 and subsequent amendments, necessary for obtaining a building permit:

  • sizing of the heating system and related drawings for the execution of the same;
  • Audits and calculation of heat loss of any building for the sizing of the radiators;
  • audits and calculation of heat load in summer than any building for the design of air conditioning systems;
  • ISPESL practices for central heating
  • Completion practices for the achievement of the documentation to be submitted to ISPESL relative to its own territory;

ISPESL practices

  • Inspections and consulting for boiler interventions of replacement with possible development of distribution systems to optimize plant performance and improve the energy efficiency of the building;
  • Advice to restore decommissioned or conversion of the fuel used with any performance practices:
    • Converting diesel / natural gas;
    • Converting diesel / Gpl gas;
    • Conversion lpg / natural gas;
    • Conversion of solid fuels / natural gas;
    • Disposal tanks;
    • Installing Gpl tanks;

Practices to deduct 55% for energy saving measures

  • completion technical and administrative practices for the application of tax deduction of 55% IRPEF for energy saving measures;
  • develop documentation required for energy upgrading of existing buildings that achieve an energy performance rating of at least 20% lower than the values ​​indicated by the decree;
  • develop documentation required for interventions on existing buildings as outer coat or replacement windows including frames, which meet the requirements of transmittance specified by decree;
  • develop documentation required for carrying out installation of solar panels to produce hot water for different uses;
  • develop documentation required for interventions of replacement of winter heating systems with systems equipped with condensing boilers;


  • coordination execution technological systems;
  • assignments relief systems
  • technical Expertise
  • how to acquire the Energy Certification with the release of a legally recognized document for qualifying energy property.

Technical support

The study provides the necessary technical assistance in many areas, including:

  • implementation of systems designed on behalf of clients or installation companies;
  • testing and calibration of equipment;
  • verification of systems designed by third parties or existing systems which malfunction;
  • check chimneys or private condominium with possible use of the camera with the requirements for internal inspection and final certification;
  • preparation of technical and administrative expertise as a Party-Appointed Experts in civil cases related plants DESIGN;
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